Saturday, January 23, 2010

Work Weather

Day 55 (Fri.)

I am thankful that in our busy classroom schedule I still have time for 1-1 at the end of the week.  

I have a student who might not be quite so low if she had enough support at home.   I think she's quite capable of giving us much, much more than she does.  I've decided the last hour on Friday belongs to her.  I am thankful to have that little bit of time.

The economy is really banging on the door in our district.   I can't see how district is going to solve the monetary shortfall without laying off employees.  I think that classified (non-teachers) will go first but I just can't see how we're not going to lose at least a handful of teachers.   

The families in the neighborhood are faring much worse.   Many can't afford their rent or mortgage and are so far past catching up that they're moving.  Often from inadequate housing to dumps.  We are helping where we can but most don't talk about what is happening.

It sure feels past the time for economic recovery to me. 

I'm also thankful for the hour of sunshine around lunch time.  I was able to take a short walk.   The street in front of my school ends a block further to the east.  The fence blocking the nearby irrigation canal is open and I walked up to the canal where the view was unblocked and spectacular.   Looking southeast:

To the east, toward Tehachapi.  I'm guessing snow level was 2500-3000 feet:

 North, northeast, looking toward the area where I buy my manderines:

I noticed this "manhole" cover just across the street from the school.  I don't often see hexagon shapes while out and about.  The pattern reminds me of a labyrinth walk even though there isn't a through path among the hexagons.

I am thankful for signs of spring, not because we've had too much cold or too much rain, but because I love how watching how the trees and flowers change and bloom.  The cold is never with us for long and this winter has been mild.  The rainy season isn't over.  January to April in this part of the world is when we have a rainy season.  It was gray and the sky was dreary, the leaves or blossoms are barely green, more gray like the sky. Here are my first "spring is coming" photos:

Going home.  For once traffic had slowed for the weather.  Other drivers were being cautious.  At a stoplight I stopped the wipers and played with getting a photo of rain on the windshield.  I like them!:


  1. I like all of your photos! Fun rainy day shots, and how beautiful the mountains are, cloaked with snow and clouds!

    Indeed, it is a blessing to be able to spend some one-on-one time with a child who seems to shine during that time, isn't it? Some of my students who need help are still shy (or frustrated or defeated) to ask for help, but slowly, slowly, they're coming around and I can sit with them and give them "personal lessons" and I let them know I absolutely LOVE the time I get to spend with them, teaching and learning together. It's joyful to watch the light bulb of understanding click on, when they have been sure that they are failures, and after 10 minutes I can tell them, "Hey, you are a master of least common denominators now!" and they grin. What a blessing it is to me to see them have renewed confidence in themselves.


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