Sunday, January 3, 2010


Day 36

I am thankful for church. I am thankful for the local church, for friends, for music, for preaching, and for teaching. I am thankful that I have enough voice back to sing. I don't have all my range back but I can sing! And, being Lutheran as we are it's still Christmas on the church calendar. We sang carols!

The red mitts would not be knit. I think the yarn is too thin to carry stockinette on the loom. I almost tried it doubled but decided to use it for something different-even a different fingerless mitt-maybe mainly in garter or reverse stockinette. I'm thinking a red in a yarn similar to the orange recently used would make some nice mitts.

The scarf didn't want much knitting today either. Maybe I've had enough for the weekend!

Work starts tomorrow. I'm having trouble finding thankfulness in that thought so we'll see what tomorrow brings.

I end the day thankful for faith. I am thankful for the One who engenders and sustains my faith. I am thankful for the mercy. I am thankful for the routines and rituals that draw me into worship, strengthen my soul, and carry me through to look forward to a new day.

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