Thursday, January 28, 2010

No Standing Still

Day 61

I am thankful for exercise, sunshine, and stability.

We have a new "Mileage Club" at school.  The principal had a 1/4 mile track painted into the grassy area of the playground and plans to keep it up.  We have Mileage Club MWFs.  Each grade level has 15 minutes of track time that belongs to them during their lunch recess.  If there are not many kids running or walking students from other grade levels can put in extra laps.  Kids earn a necklace, charms, and then prizes for each milestone they reach.  We have a 4th and a 5th grade class in competition, maybe 6 or 7 teachers running or walking, and a bunch of kids that have in 4 sessions run between 5 and 10 miles.  The principal has a map in the cafeteria and challenged the school to run "across" the United States by time the school year is over. 

I'm walking 1/2 mile/session and will add another lap tomorrow or Monday.  I have my little group of students that wait for me to come out and either keep up with me or delight in running circles around me.  ;*p   I am noticing that on Mileage Club days the students and I are much cheerier that last hour of the day.

We had another sunny day.  Sunshine sure helps with our moods, too! 

As for stability yet another student has moved this year.  I've lost track of how many have moved in or moved out but in just the last week we've had 4 in our class move.  I find it frustrating and I can't imagine how the kids feel.  Some of them have moved so many times.  So, I am thankful to be blessed with stability in so many areas of my life.


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