Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You know, from Pooh.

Day 53

So much today, today.  It was such a blustery day.  "What's that mean?"  Blustery is this week's vocabulary word, I think!   The kids were wild, our hair was wild, I felt wild inside.  We can see this palm that stands in front of the cafeteria from our classroom.  It was swaying much more but I couldn't catch it in full lean with my camera.

Here it is during a lull in the next's days stormy weather:

I am thankful for the wildness of today's weather, for the change and excitement it brought to our day. 

This is across the street and behind our school a bit.  It either looked like this outside all day or the cloud cover deepened and darkened.  Most of the storm action was in the mountains.  When the sky cleared we could see fresh snow on the mountains to the south.  And the temperature dropped!  It went from a chilly day to a c-c-c-cold day in about 30 minutes.

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