Sunday, January 24, 2010

Caught up to Catch up

Day 57

I am thankful for thinking time, more good teaching, a sunny morning, and soup.  I made another sausage based soup tonight but spicier.  It's soup lunch on Wednesday at work and I'm practicing because I signed up to bring soup this year.  

Bible class today was the beginning of Romans 12.   While today's discussion dovetailed well with last night's sermon I'm still working on that thought that I'm am so thoroughly loved by God that every corner of my life and my thoughts can be open with no fear.  The practice of this is the practice of time in the Word and in prayer.  It was good to hear other people caught by this, too.  I'm hearing another challenge to be disciplined in my study.   I've already been thinking that I spend too much time checking in on various websites and could replace some of that time with study.   My start will be to review and catch up with Romans Chapters 1-11.   My attendance at Bible Study has been less than regular so this will serve me well.

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