Monday, January 4, 2010

Rituals Continue

Day 37

Did I say something about routine and ritual? I am thankful for both! We had our annual "Epiphany" party with the bell choir this evening. More holiday feasty foods, a gift exchange, lots of chatting, and joyful togetherness.

No knitting today. Working and party took up my time. Back to the scarf tomorrow. I think the days I get 7 inches done set me up for frustration on the days I get 1 inch done. I think I'm going to set my expectation at 1-2 inches/knitting session. That's about 1 hour of tv time.

Work was ok for the first day back. The new Smart Board was installed but my computer is too old to interface with it. Now we have to scrounge up a newer computer. Who knows how long that will take. Before Christmas break we packed half the classroom and moved furniture to the walls in anticipation of the installation. The room was in such disarray when we return. We could not have functioned. Fortunately the principal showed kindness and mercy and let us cancel groups for the day to reorganize the room. I'd say we got to 70%. It's functional. There is much to finish but we can do it bit by bit now and still keep our schedule.

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