Friday, January 15, 2010

Shiny Pennies

Day 48

I am thankful for sisters.  I've got the Sis, who is coming tomorrow. Woot!  I've got the sis-wife of my brother-who by now is another "Sis", not "sil".  I've got my dear friends J and M who know me well enough to be a sister, and a host of friends worthy of the appellation.  I am thankful for all the women who love me as a sister not simply a friend.

As a subset of the larger community I have to say I'm blessed beyond measure by these sisters.  Nothing compares to your sister, your extended family, but the having friends who take friendship into the sister circle is a very good thing.

Not much of a photo day, though, I did pick up some school kids' photos at lunch today.  We're finishing up science fair projects and I have one day student lacking enough support at home to even start.  So, we soaked pennies in Dr. Pepper and 7-Up and water, took photos before and after, and wrote a day student sized report.  She'll present next week to her mainstream peers but first we need to make her board and practice talking about her project.

Clean Pennies:

Check out the 55 year old counter top!

This is the project board from my day student with marginal home support.  Her brother told her she need to add some "bling" to her board-the confetti like background.  I'm proud of her for doing this at home.  I'm going to need write a "Thanks, brother!" letter for his help!

In spite of all this:

There was no fog delay.  Apparently the fog was "patchy" rather than dense and widespread.  It spread from home to work from what I could tell!

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