Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rush of Busy

Day 46

I am thankful for the little spaces between the bursts of busyness that make up days like today.   There was nothing new, exciting, or even pressing that had to get done but a lot of little things strung one after the other.  In between each is a little space, a breath, a pause.  It's the moment to catch up with myself, to take a new look at what is before me, to turn to a new direction, a moment to reread or remember.

When I think of all the in between spaces I had my day doesn't seem like it was quite so busy.   If I remember to breathe a prayer in the spaces the day becomes even less busy as each pause is a new opportunity to reconnect with my Maker.

Oh, how I wish I could post pictures of the kids at work.  I take a few every week.  My 2nd math group today was enjoying the instant feedback of the digital camera and taking advantage of a moment to be a clown, to be in the spotlight.  I enjoy the look some children get that says, "Me?  Really?  You want to take a picture of me?"  Then the best smiles happen.  The eyes light up.   Others are drawn in.   It's worth a few moments of class time.

So, no photo but picture in your mind 3 girls, about 10 or 11, leaning in to each other with relaxed smiles and bright eyes, looking right at the camera.   Ahhhhhh, aren't they pretty?


  1. The children are beautiful, aren't they? They made me smile today. But for some reason, I kept sliding back into teary eyes, on and off today, don't even know why. But the children brought me joy. Then my daughter wrote to me (smile again), then my son and his girlfriend asked to Skype with me this evening (another smile). And my sister emailed me, and an old friend phoned me. God gives me what I needed today: the connections to those I love.


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