Thursday, January 14, 2010

Look Under the Covers

Day 47

Some days you have to hunt a bit to find your thankfulness.   I'm thankful for the t.v. show Bones, potato chips, and water that fizzes. 

There you have it.  I'm not completely sure why I get the grouchies sometimes.  Today, though, it's likely up too late last night and then up early this morning.  Since I have another early morning tomorrow I'll leave it at that.

Edited:  I removed the first comment to edit a bit of information out.

Here it is, from my dear sis, Joan:

Joan said...I was riding low on ambition and energy yesterday, went to bells (felt much better), and decided to stay for choir (which I was going to skip earlier in the day). I was so glad that I went! I came home singing and spirits high! Took a lovely hot bath, and continued to read my Bible. I was on Judges, chapter 5. It was Deborah's song! I smiled when I read Judges 5:12, "...Wake up, wake up, break out in song!" Then I read more about Deborah and thought of you, Deborah Lori. My study Bible's comments about the judge and prophetess Deborah were, "[Deborah] wanted to serve God. Whenever praise came her way, she gave God the credit. She didn't deny or resist her position in the culture as a woman and wife, but she never allowed herself to be hindered by it either. Her story shows that God can accomplish great things through people who are willing to be led by him. She encourages us to spend our efforts on what we can do rather than worry about what we can't do. Deborah challenges us to be wise leaders. She demonstrates what a person can accomplish when God is in control." I think of you, Lori, as being a good Deborah -- wise and faithful, leaning on God, praising God, leading others to praise God. You do your mama proud. I am honored to have you in my life.


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  2. Ok then, just make me cry! Thank you, dear sis. I appreciate your words of encouragement!

    I find that both bell choir and choir can be excellent rememdies for difficult days. Glad it worked for you.

    Is this part of your church's read through the Bible series?

  3. Yes, we're reading the Bible in 2 years. So far, I'm staying ahead of schedule, being rather "hooked" on the Old Testament right now, gaining insights that I guess I hadn't been ready for spiritually until now. :)

  4. Paul T's Exodus study a number of years back opened the Old Testament for me. He gave us a frame work not just for the people and the story but for the inter-relatedness of both and across time.


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