Monday, December 14, 2009

Big, big Handbells

Day 16

(Shulmerich C3 Handbell)

I'm so thankful for handbells. I've moved from upper bass to treble for the Christmas season. Except for one piece. I get to run the "3s". Wheeeeeee! I'm malleting most of the part mostly as support for the piece. It was a bit thin. I'll have to remember to take pictures next week.

Work is odd this week. We're completing this trimester's fluency measurement for the entire school (not huge we're between 450 and 500 students). We got a good start on Friday but today one assistant was out (becoming a grandma!). I am so thankful we don't have to do our jobs without her every day! It's not that the work wouldn't all get done but that she brings ease, coordination, and enthusiasm, too.

I need to make sure that tomorrow we have a plan for some pre-Christmas time with all of our kids. Must remember to speak with assistants!

Here's a reason to be thankful-a new day!:

I shot through the windshield at an angle while sitting at a stop. I like how it looks a bit wide angled. We have had some lovely skies this last week.

Autumn in the Parking Lot:
I liked how the tree looked backlit by the parking lot lights. I took a moment on the way in to bell choir to play with the "night" setting on my camera. Fun, autumn.

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