Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Learning Perspective

Day 17

Tonight I am thankful for frustration. In little bits it tells me to take a break, regroup, try things a different way. I may end up back with the first plan but with better implementation. Knitting has a lot of little bits of frustration. Stitches to master, patterns to follow, how to combine the right yarn and the right project-each step has the potential for that little bit of frustration. With some luck and persistence I end up with a finished item for someone to enjoy.

Knitting is much like special education but much, much smaller. I think if I could see work the way I see knitting I might be on to something.

This evening driving home I kept noticing the sky again. It was dusk and between clouds and contrails the sky was looking quite interesting. I took a photo when I got out of the car:

Then I took my groceries in and came back for one last bag to see this:

Pretty cool, huh? I am always thankful for sunsets!

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