Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Count Down to Christmas

Day 18

What a sweet day we had at work. I am thankful for the quiet enthusiasm the kids showed today! We had cookies and cocoa for each group and did a Christmas project. The children were polite, sociable and seemed to enjoy the little project. As usual my assistants stepped up and kept the day moving. One offered to finish our school-wide testing and the other kept one group engaged while I welcomed in each new group and got them going on the project and stocked with sweets.

Merry Christmas!

School traditions have become as much a part of Christmas as home or church traditions. We had a similar day last year. We adjusted a few things this year and had a great day.

Over the years Tule fog has become a signal for the season for me. We had our first bit of fog yesterday and sure enough I got a little more Christmas spirit. I can't count the number of times I've driven home in the fog after Christmas Eve services.

Not a bad fog day as far as foggy mornings go:

We've had a countdown on the board for about 5 days. But, the countdown is really in preparing gifts for loved ones, marking traditions, and looking forward to the celebration of the birth of the Savior.

I restarted the scarf for my nephew....about 4 times. Seems to be a theme for me lately-false starts, starting over. Hope that doesn't rub off on the rest of my life. I think I have the width and stitch pattern I want now. I have yet to start the cup cozies I'm wanting to make nor have I shopped for the younger niece and nephew. Thank goodness there is time!

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