Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's in there

Day 19 (ok, so I can't count. fixed it!)

I am having a difficult time locating thankfulness today. I've got a cold, I'm tired, whine, whine, whine.

Let see, I don't have to come home and take care of anyone but me-today I'm thankful for this. I have a computer for entertainment, information, and connections. I have a tv for vegetating and favorite shows. OOooooo, Bones is on tonight-there's something on the thankfulness list.

I have plenty. I have an abundance. I have an abundance of resources, of people in my life, of means, and of productivity. I am thankful that I am not required to do without, scrape by, make do, and fear for shelter and food.

I wish I could post work photos but I won't. I have some of the cutest photos of the Christmas programs at work. One of my girls participated with a 3rd grade class. She did very well, wore a red velvet dress, and looked so cute! I'm thankful for my camera, though, I think I've been thankful for that before.

Ok, I think I found some thankfulness, whew.

The fog wasn't worse today but the wetness of the day persisted longer. It was chilly all day because of the damp.

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