Monday, December 7, 2009


Day 9

Mondays are easy because they end with bells. It's easy to be thankful for bells, bell choir, and loving friends.

I'm also thankful that most of the kids adjusted quickly to the classroom being in disarray as we move this area to that area in anticipation of a smart board being installed over the Christmas break.

I'm thankful that one assistant's daughter, who went to the hospital with beginnings of toxemia (39 weeks pregnant) is well enough to be sent home, though on complete bedrest.

I'm thankful for the sharp, cold weather, for rain and snow. Rather than making all of us cranky it sparked a lot of excitement and high spirits at school. Fun, for a Monday! If it stays wet and If it gets colder tonight there is a slight possibility that we'll get snow here. The chance of snow on the valley floor is as faint as a naughty child's whisper but it's fun to wish and hope for snow.

Fresh snow on the mountains south of town at about 3000 feet level:

It really wasn't all that cold at 7 a.m. Later in the day as the front pushed in from the north it got very cold, windy, and wet. Big winds and big rain near 1 p.m. (For blog photo fun click on the mountain picture to see it big. I love all the colors that you don't see in the small photo, same for the tree/leaves below.)

I still have roses in December! I took this photo this morning before I left for work:

Even though the snow feels wintery we're full into Autumn. I love how the ornamental pear trees can have every thing from green to yellow to red on one tree. I was hoping to get photos of the trees at work but with the big wind this afternoon I'm out of luck. Thankfully I took this photo this morning while I was in the back yard:

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