Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Day 25

It's been such a quiet day. I ran a few errands mid-day. I knitted a lot. I decided to give the scarf a rest since it wasn't going to be finished by Christmas anyway. I'm making a pair of fingerless gloves/wristwarmers for a dear friend and spent a couple hours on the first one. If tomorrow's not too crazy I should be able to get the 2nd finished, too.

So, thankfulness. I am thankful for peacefulness. It's so different from last year. We were in Mom's last weeks at this time last year. It's not that it wasn't peaceful but that I have peace in life returning to "normal". I can be in my own home and just be here.

Maybe there's the silver lining for having whatever bug I have that's borrowed my voice. Had I been perfectly healthy I would probably have divided my time between here and with family. Nothing wrong with that but it's been so restful to just be here.

I'm thankful for projects. I'm thankful for my simple little hobby.

It's inside out and has a goofy little thumb loom sticking out of it but here's today's fingerless glove:

Using the thumb loom is an experiment. The only directions I've seen are along the lines of, "make a thumb and sew it to your glove/mitten". I'd rather not sew it, thanks. So, I'm trying this and hope that I don't ruin what I've already made.

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