Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gadgets and Gift cards

Day 24

I had in my head that it would be so easy to head to the big box store and pick up a cool gadget that I've been hearing about to round out a Christmas present. Hm, no. No, it would not be easy. Within 30 seconds of walking in the door I was done, done, done. And then I spied the special register set up just for gift cards-with no line. So, it's a Christmas gift card with a suggestion for a gadget!

I'm thankful for gift cards that save easily overwhelmed shoppers like me!

We had a little rain last night but more wind. I'm enjoying the neighbor's seed pod laden Mimosa tree. It sounds a lot like a rain stick.

Rain and wind bring clouds and I like taking photos of clouds. Here is today's offering:

I'm usually taking sky photos near work facing east or southeast. From home I face west, usually. This one is west-southwest.

It's a good thing I posted something to be thankful about earlier today. I'm starting to get a bit cranky about the lack of voice in the season of carols. Hmph.

Scarf inch count: about 20-21 inches. It will need to double for a short scarf or triple for an ordinary scarf length.

And now I've just impressed myself. That's 7 inches or so between last night and tonight. At least if I'm not feeling well and low energy I can knit. Ah, another thankfulness.

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