Monday, December 21, 2009

In Progress

Day 23

I'm thankful for alpaca.

This is what I've been doing when I'm not sleeping. With any luck this will be finished by Christmas but if not I'll be giving an IOU and shipping.

Steven's Alpaca Scarf:

I started this project umpteen times in the last two weeks. I'm finally happy with the pattern and yarn. I'm going to have to block this project unlike most scarves I've made with acrylic yarns.

Yep, pulling the yarn right off a previous version to make the new one!

Usually the pad of paper and loom are on my lap, the pen gets clipped to the pad. The crochet hook and scissors stay in my tool case. I rarely have to keep track of every single stitch as I'm knitting but since it changes from knit to purl every 4 stitches I do better to put a check mark for every change. I'm guessing the scarf is going to take two pages of graph paper. Those two rows of Xs are about 12 inches of scarf!

A closer look at my chicken scratches:

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