Friday, December 11, 2009

Brought to you by the letter B

Day 13

I am thankful for brothers and blankets. We've been learning a lot at work these last couple weeks about the needs of the families at our school. I had a meeting today and we found out that the family is nearly destitute. Their rent includes some utility but they can't afford to heat the house. They can't afford the rent either but that's next week's issue. Right now they need a space heater and blankets. Hmm, my closets have those things. Well, right now my back room has a big pile of those things. I was going to take them to work Monday but I think some of them need to be dropped off this weekend.

On to older brother is taking a week off work to spend with Dad so Dad's wife can take a week's vacation with her mother and sisters. It blesses me that he's willing to use his vacation time this way. I know it blesses F, Dad's wife. I know it blesses Dad immensely.

I am thankful, too, that my younger brother has just been promoted within the Fire Department where he lives. Yay!

I am thankful to live near enough to this:

So that I can buy these:

Fresh, sweet, wonderful. Another B: Blessings!

I'll have to remember to do catch up thankfulness posts for Saturday and Sunday. I get to go see Dad, too!

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